Who we are

Mel Slater, Mavi Sanchez Vives and Bernhard Spanlang founded Virtual Bodyworks with a simple mission – to use breakthroughs in neuroscience and Virtual Reality research, to change society.

Our founding team has published more than 500 papers on virtual reality while collaborating with some of the world’s best around racial and gender bias, including Google Jigsaw and the World Bank.

These experiences form a core component of our flagship diversity, equity and inclusion training so that it is more powerful, more effective and more scalable than ever before.

By offering tailored inclusion training to companies, we help human resources and DEI leaders implement programs that measurably track inclusion and further our mission by changing biased behaviours to build better individuals, workplaces and society as a whole.

Our people

We are proud to have a diverse team of talented individuals in their respective fields, brought together by their passion to shape and change the future.
Charlie Pearmund
Chief Executive Officer
Mel Slater
Chief Scientific officer & Co-Founder
Mavi Sanchez Vives
Chief Medical Officer & Co-Founder
Bernhard Spanlang
Chief Technical Officer & Co-Founder
Carina Rogl
Product Marketing Manager
Santiago Prada
Strategy and Partnerships Development
Roger Puig
Senior Software Engineer
Josep Seto
Senior Software Developer
Ph.D Elena Álvarez
AI specialist
Andy Benyei
3D Art
Carlos Aguilera
Unity Developer
Luis Quintana
Senior Unity Developer
Joan Ginard
Unity Developer
Mercé Alvarez
Unity Developer
Casey Harlow
Marketing and Business Development Intern

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