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in a nutshell

Virtual Bodyworks was founded with a simple mission– to use breakthroughs in neuroscience and Virtual Reality research, to change society.

Our founding team has published more than 500 papers on virtual reality while collaborating with some of the world’s best around racial and gender bias, including Google Jigsaw and the World Bank.

These experiences form a core component of our core diversity, equity and inclusion training so that it is more powerful, more effective and more scalable than ever before.

By offering tailored inclusion training to companies, we help human resources and DEI leaders implement programs that measurably track inclusion and further our mission by changing biased behaviours to build better individuals, workplaces and society as a whole.

Our values:

  • We set the bar high
  • We get things done
  • We care for others
  • We never stop learning
  • We make it fun

What you'll do

As the right-hand of the CEO, you will be at the heart of Virtual Bodyworks' activity and have a great opportunity to work on various strategic topics and have a 360-degree view on how a start-up works. You will work closely with the CEO and other co-founders on multiple projects such as:

  • Helping in the preparation of board meetings & company-wide meetings
  • Setting up internal tools and processes to improve teams' efficiency (sales, product, care, etc.)
  • Carrying out data analysis and reporting on the business, for both internal or external use.
  • Managing strategies across teams and projects such as international expansion
  • Contributing to the HR structuration and to the recruitment of new talents
  • Supporting fundraising activities
  • Supporting marketing activities

This list is not exhaustive as it is an agile role where you will be asked to take up responsibilities based on the company's priorities.

preferred experience

  • Efficiency: you are analytical and rigorous, focused on details, and have a good understanding of productivity tools.
  • Adaptability: you have a strong ability to adapt, you are curious and independent.
  • Mindset: you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you like challenges, you welcome feedback and you are willing to get better every day to reach excellence. You like to learn and surpass yourself.
  • Problem solver: you are pragmatic and know how to solve problems quickly.
  • Language: you have an excellent level of English, as everything we do at Virtual Bodyworks is in English. Other languages are appreciated.
  • Specific skills: Experience working with digital marketing channels, experience creating content – photography, copywriting, video etc.

Anything else you can bring will be welcome, it is important for us to build a team that is as diverse as possible in terms of experiences, backgrounds and hobbies!

what we offer

  • Contract Type: Paid Internship (3 - 6 months)
  • An exciting work environment in the Barcelona Health Hub. Including daily lunches on our roof terrace with amazing views over Barcelona
  • Career development opportunities
  • Flexible working hours plus remote working
  • 30 days holiday

Please submit your CV and Cover Letter to and we'll get back to you soon. All the best!

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