ConVRself ™

Self-counselling through immersive virtual reality
ConVRself is changing the way you work through your challenges. See and hear yourself explain your problems from a third person perspective, and give yourself valuable advice.
How does it work?

Explain your problem

You will have a talk with your personalised 3D avatar and a 'counsellor' avatar of your choice.
You then explain your problem to the counsellor.

Switch perspectives

Once you're done explaining, you switch perspectives and become your own counsellor. You will see and hear yourself talk about the problem. You get to listen to it from an outsider's perspective, as if talking to a friend and advice on how to tackle the problem.

Switch back

Now, you're back in your own avatar, and you hear the counsellor give advice to you. Keep repeating this and have a conversation with yourself as long as you like!


We use ConVRself currently in our EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and aims to treat obesity with self conversations

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