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Advanced inclusion training
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Divrse ™

Advanced inclusion training
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Change the way you look at things.

about us
Since the time virtual reality was founded, the team at Virtual Bodyworks has spent years researching and producing VR scenarios to further its mission to create a better society.

Our flagship diversity, equity and inclusion training provides an engaging learning environment that supports individuals and companies in uprooting the harms that implicit bias can bring to the workplace. With a more powerful, more effective and more scalable solution than ever before, we ensure measurable change happens.

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Create a diverse and inclusive culture


Next-level inclusion data that you can share with your employees, and the world.


Our VR learning experiences are short and engaging, it is easy to impact large organisations.

it works

Our scenarios are based on years of scientific research. Each is tested for efficacy. You won’t have to believe us, the data will speak for itself.


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